Aadhaar re-verification via OTP for mobile numbers from Dec 1

Aadhaar card OTP verification mobile number

Users will have to link their Aadhaar card number to their mobile number and the deadline for this is February 6, 2018.

Users will have to link their Aadhaar card number to their mobile number and the deadline for this is February 6, 2018. Also mobile operators like Airtel, Vodadone, Reliance Jio and Idea Cellular will be rolling out Aadhaar verification via OTP or one time password from December 1, 2017. We explain how this will work for users.

Aadhaar card and linking with mobile number: How will OTP feature work?

According to a PTI report from last week, the Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI which is the body in charge of Aadhaar data, has approved plans by telecom operators to utilise new modes like OTP for Aadhaar-based SIM re-verification of existing subscribers. This new facility will be available from December 1.

“Their (telecom operators’) plans have been approved… They have come and we have told them they will implement (the process) from December 1,” UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey told PTI last week. He added, “Mobile companies have assured the UIDAI that they will implement OTP-based verification of mobile numbers by month- end and this will allow people to get the verification done without actually visiting the store or retail agent.”

So with this new method users will not have to go a telecom retail store in order to get the re-verification done for Aadhaar linking with their mobile numbers. A user will get the OTP sent to their mobile number from UIDAI and this will allow for the re-verification. Currently users have to go to the store and do the eKYC with their fingerprints.

The only problem is that the OTP will only be sent to the mobile number that was registered with Aadhaar. So if you have a new mobile number, which is not linked to your Aadhaar card, you might not be able to use the OTP method. Unless you still have access to the old SIM, you will not be able to access the OTP.

Aadhaar  card and mobile number linking: Is this compulsory? 

For now, linking the Aadhaar number and mobile number is mandatory. The last date for this as we’ve pointed out is February 6, 2018. Earlier this month, it was reported the Supreme Court refused to accept a new plea challenging the linking of mobile numbers with Aadhaar card numbers. The Court is currently listening to several such petitions, which is why it did not accept a new one.

In March, the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has issued an order calling for linking of mobile numbers with Aadhaar card data. The latest petition wanted this order to be declared“unconstitutional” and “null and void,” according to a PTIreport.

I don’t have the mobile number linked to my Aadhaar card anymore. So does this mean I cannot get re-verification done? 

You can still get the re-verification done for your new mobile number. But the OTP method won’t work here. The customer will have to go to the telecom operator store in this case and get the verification done for their new mobile number. The Aadhaar card will have to be carried for this and the mobile number re-verification will be done via a fingerprint scan.

Also in case of the disabled, chronically ill and senior citizens, the government has ordered the companies to carry out the exercise at their homes.

Finally, in order to update mobile number linked to your Aadhaar account, a user will have to go to their nearest Aadhaar verification centre. They will have to submit relevant documents to update their personal details, including address or mobile number. Once the new mobile number gets linked to the Aadhaar number, the user should start receiving SMS from UIDAI on this number.

Source by:-indianexpress